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Cant say good enough about this product

I just ordered the cream on saturday and it arrived today. OMG! It’s the best, it takes my burn right away for a couple of hours. I would like to shout out to West Coast Mint for fast shipping, i will continue to support this store even though i live in the bay area. Thanks again for a great product and customer service!

Easy, Convenient and a Great Price

They had the product I was looking for and I saved money, too. Fast service, good communication. As Arnold says, "I'll be back." (But it sounded more like "Ahl be bock.")

UTI help

My little pup,Raddy gets a lot of UTI's because shes semi paralyzed. Ive been using the D-Mannose powder on her for a few months. Reordered and got it very quickly. So far no UTI. Vet recommended it.

Manufactured in 2022?

I messaged done at your company 2days ago and waiting to hear back about returning this product. It was manufactured in 2022. I’ve never received something manufactured so long ago. If it’s not already expired I’m assuming it will be soon . Please follow up on this.

Hi Dana,

Thanks for reaching out. We replied to your email first thing Monday morning but it must have gone to your spam folder. Here's our response:

We heard back from Algonot and they confirmed this is the most recent batch.
This product has a long shelf life and is good for at least 3 years from the date of manufacture -- i.e. 09/2025.

Store in a cool/dry location and shake well before use because the contents can settle.

This is a fairly new product for Algonot and went through lots of testing so it took time from the date of manufacture to when it was available for purchase.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

~ WCM Team

D-Mannose Powder | 100% Pure Non-GMO - 50 g & 100 g


Neuroprotek is very important to me. I have MCAS and this is very helpful when I’m experiencing brain fog.

Easy to order and prompt arrival

The Brain Gain supplements have been effective and the West Coast Mint site was easy to order from and the order arrived promptly. I’m very pleased to shop here.

B complex w/o b 6

Excellent service


Glide is a great product. I have recurring UTIs and using Glide when intimate with my husband does not seem to add to my problems.

D mannose

I have been taking it for only a few days because I had some left that was another brand and wanted to finish it up. So far, so good!

High dosage Aloe Vera

Finding this reasonably priced, high-dose aloe vera was a relief. I’m taking it to see if it wards off interstitial cystitis episodes. Although the initial dosage gave me some intestinal gas, as I worked my way down to daily 200mg 2x per day, that all settled. I also appreciate all the information on the bottle about the source and quality.

I’d Give it More than 5 Stars If I Could:)

Bladder Ease has been such a tremendous help when dealing with IC. I find that a combo of this with Marshmallow Root tea is very beneficial as well. I have told so many people about the healing effects of this product and will happily continue spreading the word. Thank you and Blessings. Maureen in Birch Bay, WA

Super-Strength Aloe Vera

Wonderful product! Helping with IC diagnosis.

Great Product!

This Complex-B vitamin without B6 is just what I need for my health condition. Thanks you!

Ultra moisturizing clean feeling

West Coast Mint - Thank You For Making It Affordable To Try Desert Harvest!!!

I have a bladder disease known as Interstitial Cystitis also known as Painful Bladder Syndrome. I’ve been living with this disease for 21 years & counting. It’s debilitating & I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, to say the least. I’d always heard of Desert Harvest because it’s always been the product pushed on IC patients. Desert Harvest is actually very expensive compared to other options. I do not take their freeze dried aloe vera capsules due to this very issue. There’s a brand called Intimate Rose with a phenomenal freeze dried aloe vera capsule that has transformed my bladder. When it comes to taking a daily vitamin I was taking a low acid one from another company but it was always out of stock when I needed to refill. That’s what led me to West Coast Mint. I googled an IC friendly daily vitamin & I immediately noticed how incredibly REASONABLE the price was on a Desert Harvest product. Now, I already knew DH had a multivitamin & had seen it on Amazon but it was very expensive so when I seen West Coast Mint was selling a bottle for $30 & NO SHIPPING!!!!!!! I had to try it. I am loving the product & as long as West Coast Mint continues to sell it on their site for this great price then I’ll continue purchasing it for the remainder of my life. Thank you so much West Coast Mint!!!! You’ve transformed my life & my IC by making Desert Harvest an actual AFFORDABLE option. You have no idea what this means to me & I’ll forever be grateful to you!!! 🙏🏻

Better than expected

Effective. Dissolves perfectly. Will be reordering the larger size next time

Easy use for mcas

I like the flexibility of dose and minimal ingredients to treat mcas

They work for IC

I started taking these after an OB specializing in Interstitial Cystitis told me this is about the only thing she had recommended patients, and they work. For years I thought I had UTIs but turns out it was IC and since taking these, I no longer have any of those issues.

CystoProtek® | Promotes Bladder Health - 90 Softgels

Super-Strength Aloe Vera | Organically Grown & Non-GMO - 90 & 180 Capsules


Jar was opened and im to sick with cancer to try to attempt a return, i guess ill
Never know and im dissapointed


so far no issues with vitamin B but the smell is awful so reminds me of the baby vitamin drops we gave our children. also urine very yellow and i am not sure what that means. i will try them for a little longer to make sure no problems as i usually cant tolerate vitamin B6

Thank you very much for your order. Glad you reached out since this is a common question. B vitamins by nature have an unpleasant aroma. This is normal and does not indicate the product is expired or otherwise compromised. B Vitamins can turn your urine a bright, almost neon-yellow color. The most common culprit is vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin.

Aloe vera capsules.

Bought this for my wife and she's pleased with the product.

D-Mannose Tablets | Premium Non-GMO - 30 & 60 Tablets