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Never received product due to restrictions at my
apartment complex. Thank You...

So happy to have found this excellent no vitamin b6 multivitamin

IC pain relief

I believe this prevents some of my IC pain. I went off of it to see what would happen. When I did, I had sharper pain. I went back on.


I started taking them 2 weeks ago and have seen results to my ic symptoms. Am taking them everyday to diminish my urethral pressure and has worked will continue to take hoping one day this pain will completely go away.

UTI Relief

Much better results than the d mannose product
I bought locally while waiting for this to be delivered by mail. I’ll be sure to keep some in stock.


The pump was not delivered as shown- half the reason I tried it. Customer service was great. Got a new pump but still not the one advertised. The gel was a bit spicy for both of us at first but then ok. Easy clean up, no stained sheets. Thanks!



Better sleep

I’m not sure how it helps but I don’t need to
get up as many times to urinate during the night
if I take it daily.

Super-Strength Aloe Vera | Organically Grown & Non-GMO - 90 & 180 Capsules


No more UTIs!

Yes it helps

This product does help, but depending on how much to take can get very expensive

Treating ICS

No relief in 2 months

Minus B 6

My friend said b6 is not good for neuropathy


Quercitine has been a blessing for me even going to try to wean myself off prescription medication,this has worked so well.

NeuroProtek seems to help liver processing

I appreciated how quickly and easily I have been able to order my supplements through West Coast Mint: NeuroProtek (low phenol formulation) by a company called Algonot. I have been taking this supplement from for at least 5 years now. I have multiple chemical sensitivity and it was suggested by a health practitioner to assist with liver detox (I also take glutathione, LivCo by MediHerb/Standard Process and NAC (a glutathione precursor). Occasionally I will stop taking one or a few or these and feel okay until I get an exposure to something like herbicides and then it seems I would have recovered more easily if I had been taking them, and so I start taking them again.

Super-Strength Aloe Vera | Organically Grown & Non-GMO - 90 & 180 Capsules

Not Sure

Don’t notice any difference but will reorder because my doctor recommends.

Love these products!

I have been struggling with UTIs for years. These products are high quality and have been integral to my healing. I love that everything is in one place.

Ashwagandha Tincture | Alcohol Free - 1 Fl oz.

Excellent product

Fantastic bioflavonoid supplement for sensitive, mold-sick folks.


This is an update from my October 2023 review. I've been using this product for a few months now and I am very happy with the results! ... again, very grateful to have found this company.

D-Mannose Mix & Match | Bundle 2 - 100 g Powder & 30 Tablets

Cant say good enough about this product

I just ordered the cream on saturday and it arrived today. OMG! It’s the best, it takes my burn right away for a couple of hours. I would like to shout out to West Coast Mint for fast shipping, i will continue to support this store even though i live in the bay area. Thanks again for a great product and customer service!

Not sure what to think?

I took the d-manose. One a day and then 2 a day after intimacy for a couple of days. I have a bladder infection nevertheless. I am sicker than usual. But no frequency. The doctor only reported few white blood cells, my home test shows positive for a UTI . Could I be having a reaction to d-manose. Can d-manose affect frequency and reduce pain. I still have some burning in my lower abdomen and in my lower back. Headache, feeling very sick and in all over and had to take a pain pill which helped very little. Not sure what to think.

Easy, Convenient and a Great Price

They had the product I was looking for and I saved money, too. Fast service, good communication. As Arnold says, "I'll be back." (But it sounded more like "Ahl be bock.")