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Life Changing

I recommend this product often to patients as a pharmacist. The two words I usually hear back are ‘ life changing’. I love recommending this fantastic product for UTI prevention!


This is helping with my CI pain

Bladder Ease

I have used this product for years. I literally can't live without it. It has worked miracles for me.

corn silk tea

Corn Silk tea has a very mild taste, but I am told it is fantastic for you. Your product looks like top notch quality! thank you

get products

the cleanest and best most pure products on the market

Fast Shipping & Great Quality

I had a difficult time finding a 90 capsule bottle (everywhere else only had the 180 capsule bottle), but I was able to find it here. The website was easy to navigate and I’m so grateful that it was available. It helps so much to alleviate my pain with IC. Shipping was free and super fast. It was the only site that offered free shipping. Definitely hoping to purchase again.

Gone up considerably

I may not order again bc of the significant price jump

So far so good

Seems to possibly help. Like the higher quality ingredients.


This was encouraged from my Dr. It is helping with my condition and I appreciate your product. Lower pricing would be great but I understand how it works.


Great Products and super fast shipping! Purchased twice and seamless both times.

D-Mannose Tablets

I've been taking these for about a year now to avoid infections. Great product!

UTI killer

Ever since I’ve started taking these tablets, I’ve been UTI free.

D-Mannose from your company was recommended to me from my doctor and it works very well for me when I get a UTI. Thank you for a superb product.


Great product and customer service

Helps 200%

Everyone with a bladder problem should take Bladder Ease. It really helps and you don't realize how much until you mistakenly run out or there's a manufactory backlog.

This D-Mannose is excellent!

This D-Mannose has helped keep away my UTI's since I started it!

Super Strength Aloe Vera

I take Super Strength Aloe Vera to reduce symptoms of interstitial cystitis daily. I have been extremely happy that taking this reduces or eliminates the pain I continually have from the IC

Good! Haven't had a UTI since taking

I suffer from chronic UTI, but I havent had a UTI since taking. Love that these D Mannose pilld have clean ingredients. So many D mannose pills out there are full of fillers

Vitanica Bladder Ease - Really helpful - when available.

I would give this a full 5-stars as it is really providing a lot of relief for my wife. But on two occasions now in the past year it has been out of stock for long periods of time.

Hello William, Thank you very much for your orders and for sharing your feedback. We're glad to hear that Bladder Ease is helping your wife! Good news: Bladder Ease is back in stock and Vitanica does not expect any more disruptions in manufacturing this wonderful supplement. Please reach out with any questions. ~ West Coast Mint Team

2nd order

Wish I could say the product worked, but am still having UTI’s. Any advise. Have doubled up on dosage. It seems to lesson them comes again. Excellent service. Thabk you.

B-Complex | Without B6 - 90 Capsules


Excellent drug. Yes it has helped me immensely.

Effective supplement

My naturopath suggested BladderEase for ongoing pelvic pain and bladder pain after a UTI. It has been very effective and helpful. I was hoping to back off a little bit on it when my symptoms went away, but when they returned a tiny bit, I resumed use at full dose.


I have had Interstitial systitis for years. This is the only product that can put it in remission and treat the symptoms of having feeling the urge to urinate 10-20 times a day. It works.

Love aloe pills

They have really helped my cystitis.