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About Us

We Are Here to Help. We're Listening.

Our Company is inspired by the understanding that your health is the most important currency you have.

We are committed to promote your wellness through our high-quality products and a support platform.

The inspiration for the company name & logo is based on:

WEST COAST - Healthy lifestyle inspired by the beaches and scenery of Southern California.

MINT - Synonymous with health, perfection, manufacturer of currency, serene color, refreshing herb.

SUN ICON - We want to uplift our customers with a calming and hopeful image. The elusive Green Flash sunset reminds us to treasure the natural beauty around us.

COIN LOGO - Representing the value of your health as the most important investment you can make.

Rochelle Stern, Founder & CEO

West Coast Mint was started during my recovery with Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and Chronic UTIs (cUTI).  I was fortunate enough during that time to have met some of the best healthcare professionals -- both in western and alternative disciplines.​

During my recovery I became inspired to share as much information as possible in the hopes that it will help others. I thought this would be a great foundation for a site focused on bladder health & related conditions - single source to provide vital information and support with compassion and understanding.  

In addition to a clean diet I found supplements to be an important part of the recovery process. This led me to launching the company with our own brand of D-Mannose and partnering with some of the top supplement companies for bladder wellness, inflammation, immunity and more.

I saw a need to create a company that offers high quality supplements and products along with an information platform so that people can spend more of their time healing instead of doing endless research.  

​I hope you find this site useful and wish you all the very best with your health.

I look forward to hearing from you.​