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Why D-Mannose for Interstitial Cystitis?

D-Mannose can be part of a regimen during the healing process and/or symptom management. For people with sensitive bladders high-quality supplements can have better impact. 

Our D-Mannose is the purest form from the best source, with excellent results. This premium D-Mannose does NOT contain cranberry, vitamin B6 or citric acid since these ingredients can be irritating to an already sensitive bladder. This bioactive D-Mannose provides a natural solution for UTI prevention.

D-Mannose is not metabolized like other sugars, so it has a minimal impact on blood sugar regulation.

Soothe an Irritated & Inflamed Bladder

D-Mannose is very effective at soothing the bladder and urinary tract. It can help calm things down during a flare and reduce symptoms. D-Mannose helps to calm the bladder and promote tissue healing. It is a glyconutrient, which is a class of molecules that help support cell-to-cell communication.  

Prevent UTIs That Many People With IC Are Prone To

People with IC already have sensitive bladders, which makes them more likely to develop a UTI. It is very important to do everything possible to help prevent infections that can cause flare ups and/or increase symptoms.

Flush Out Low Levels of Bacteria

Low levels of bacteria can irritate sensitive bladders, even though standard urine cultures show as 'negative.' D-Mannose can be taken daily and/or around events that might trigger a flare or UTI. This does not necessarily mean that IC is caused by an infection, but it can still have a beneficial impact on symptoms. It is highly effective at flushing out E. Coli bacteria and makes it unfavorable for other types of bacteria.

Help With Side Effects From Certain Medications

Many medications for IC and OAB can cause dry mouth, which also results in a dehydrated bladder -- a perfect storm for a UTI. We suggest staying hydrated and take D-Mannose to help flush out bacteria and soothe the bladder.

WCM D-Mannose

Our goal is to create D-Mannose supplements that everyone can take, including those with Interstitial Cystitis (IC). Ingredients such as cranberry, vitamin B6, vitamin C and citric acid can be irritating to an already sensitive bladder. Our D-Mannose provides a natural solution for UTI prevention.

Not mint flavored.

For your convenience our D-Mannose is available in both Powder & Tablet form.

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Our Difference Is The Care We Put Into Our Product


Sourced & packaged with the highest quality standards, including ISO 9001 & cGMP facilities.


Our extraction process ensures the capacity to produce the desired effect with every dose.


We believe in transparency and that consumers have the right to know what they are consuming.

Our Quality Guarantee

100% Pure Non-GMO D-Mannose Powder.

Vegan and naturally free of: gluten, dairy, soy and yeast. 

Sourced, Manufactured & Packaged in the USA.


D-Mannose Powder is easily mixed with water and has a mildly sweet taste. It is NOT mint flavored.

D-Mannose Tablets are taken with water but are not dissolved in water like the powder. D-Mannose can be taken with or without food.

D-Mannose can be taken daily and especially around triggering events, such as intimacy, exercise and travel.

Take 1-2 grams 1 to 3 times daily and/or around triggering events or as directed by your healthcare professional.

500 mg can also be a good therapeutic dose but please discuss with a qualified healthcare professional.

D-Mannose Powder

Each jar contains a Net Weight of 50 grams. Due to naturally occurring density variations with pure D-Mannose powder, each batch may have slightly different dosage instructions using the included scoop. This is to ensure that you are taking the recommended 1-2 gram dose.​

D-Mannose Tablets

Our D-Mannose Tablets contain 1 Full Gram / Tablet, which makes them an excellent option for travel. They are scored in the center if you need to cut them in half for smaller doses. 

​Consumer Tip: Always check the Supplement Facts Box on the label to confirm serving size. For example, some products that indicate a quantity of 120 capsules may only contain 500 mg/capsule so you would need 2-4 capsules for one dose. This would mean you are getting 30-60 servings -- not 120. 

Sourcing Matters

Not all D-Mannose is Created Equal & We Do Not Compromise on Quality.

We believe in transparency and the importance of sourcing to the overall quality of the product. 

​Often companies use words such as manufacturing/made to highlight where the product is packaged. Critically, the sourcing of the ingredients for that product is often left unsaid. The FDA only require companies to disclose where the product was packaged/made or manufactured. Our goal is to be transparent in an otherwise unregulated industry. We never source our D-Mannose from China, which is where the majority is produced, even though many labels indicate "Made in the USA" because it was packaged there. We find this to be so misleading and that consumers deserve better. 

Sourcing in regulated locations such as the USA (and formerly EU) ensures adherence to the highest quality standards for extraction methods and obtaining the purest product.