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Our D-Mannose products are sourced and manufactured with the highest quality standards, including ISO 9001:2015 (highest level of International Standard exceeding the minimum level set by the FDA) and cGMP compliance.

Certificate of Analysis: every lot includes a comprehensive lab analysis of the product for purity.

Third Party Testing: as an added step to our Quality Assurance process we conduct an additional comprehensive lab analysis on the raw material to test for purity. 


Our high quality standards and protocol ensure the capacity to produce the desired effect with every dose. Premium bioactive D-Mannose provides a natural solution for UTI prophylaxis.

​​The WCM Quality Assurance process guarantees that each lot has the same purity and potency for our customers every time they place an order with us.

​Our 100% natural, Non-GMO D-Mannose Powder is as pure as it gets!


We proudly source from a brand new regulated site in the USA (formerly the EU). All our products are packaged and manufactured in the USA.​

​At WCM, we believe sourcing plays a crucial aspect of quality and that consumers have the right to know exactly what they are consuming - and the country of origin.​

​We are proud to offer one of the only US-Sourced D-Mannose Powder Supplements on the market for Urinary Tract Support!

We do not compromise on quality. There is a difference between just "Made in the USA" and actually "Sourced in the USA." Many companies indicate "Made in the USA" even though the raw ingredients are sourced from China and we find this to be so misleading. ​

We continue to work closely with our suppliers to ensure we provide our customers with the purest D-Mannose available on the market.

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We have the same high standards for companies we partner with as we do for our own products.