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What if I finish my antibiotics but still have symptoms?

Continue the same healthy diet that you are on while taking the antibiotics. 

 Ask your doctor to do a urine culture 3-7 days after you finish your last antibiotic dose. 

Possible reasons for your symptoms include:

  • Irritation that will go away with time.

  • Yeast infection, especially if you have been on multiple rounds of antibiotics.

  • Sexually Transmitted Infection. Test to at least rule it out.

  • Lingering infection that has not been completely killed off. 

  • Secondary infection due to low immunity and opportunistic bacteria. For example, Enterococcus F. tends to be a common secondary infection.

If symptoms persist and none of the above are applicable we recommend you speak with your doctor about next level of testing, including full blood work, hormones, thyroid, vitamin deficiencies, and gene mutations such as MTHFR.