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Dr. Mandy LaGreca, DCN, FDN-P, CCN


Dr. Mandy LaGreca, DCN, FDN-P, CCN

Dr. Mandy LaGreca is a Doctor in Clinical Nutrition. She is also a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner (FDN-P) where she uses scientific lab testing to identify your root cause(s) to help you identify healing opportunities.    

Dr. Mandy LaGreca speciazes in Interstitial Cystitis, UTIs and other pelvic health related conditions. Mandy utilizes an integrative and customized approach to help her patients in her practice.

 Mandy's healing journey with interstitial cystitis inspired her to help others gain remission and recover from various bladder and pelvic health related conditions. Mandy offers Online Courses as well as 1-on-1 Coaching.   

 Check out Mandy's amazing Website, Social Media and YouTube channel where she shares lots of valuable information for her audience.